Company Profile

Cebuano Headway Unlimited, Inc. (Tai-1) is a Philippine-based garment manufacturer, offering a diverse range of custom-design clothing and headwear items for domestic and foreign clients at inexpensive rates.

Based in Cebu, Philippines, Tai-1 has, over the years, forged a sterling reputation as a leading manufacturer of customized, export-quality baseball caps, military caps, roll hats, sun visors, golf bags, shirts, basketball uniform, as well as tee and polo shirts.

Every single manufactured item that comes out of our company’s production line is of the highest quality, having been crafted from the finest imported and local materials by our highly-skilled production personnel, and expertly customized to suit the client’s desired themes. In addition, we offer logo and theme-design services for orders that need creative and artistic input. Logos can either be printed or embroidered on any of our manufactured products, depending on the client’s preference.

Due to its unique brand of service, Tai-1 has become a leading supplier of clothing that serve as company uniforms, give-away items, or as official garments for themed occasions such as sports festivals, civic events, and many other activities.

On top of its high-quality craftsmanship and inexpensive rates, Tai-1 ensures prompt fulfillment for every job order, providing its clients a “worry-free” manufacturing program as it strives towards a grand vision: To provide inexpensive, high-quality garment manufacturing to a global, world-class clientele.

Product Fabrication Process

1. FABRIC CUTTING After the approval of the customers' purchase order, fabric cutting will be started based on customers' choice (fabric color, order quantity).

2. PRODUCT ASSEMBLY After cutting all the necessary parts, this will be assembled by the sewing area. Every after process, there will be assigned QC to double check the quality of the product.

3. FINAL CHECKING OF THE FINISHED ASSEMBLE PRODUCTS After production, there will be a final cheking. The whole product will be check. Assuring the quality of the product (caps or shirts).

4. PACKING Finished products (caps or shirts) will be block first to make it look nice and presentable before packing to container (plastics or cartoons). Carefully labeling each container. Finally, deliver it to the customer.